MBR Plant List

List of full scale MBR plants with case studies. Click the links in the reference column for details.

Location Wastewater source Membrane Year Average Daily Flow


Peak Daily Flow


Peak hourly flow (m3/hr) Remark Reference
Nordkanal, Kaarst, Germany Municipal GE Water


2003 47,700 Retrofit of existing process GE, 2010

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Varsseveld, The Netherlands Municipal GE Water


2004 4,500 755 Effluent TP=0.3mg/L, TN=3 mg/L. SED ~ 0.7 kWh/m3 van Bentem, 2010
Traverse City

Michigan, USA

Municipal GE Water


2004 27,000 32,000 2,670 Retrofit of existing process. VIP process. Effluent TP < 0.5mg/L, TKN < 1 mg/L. Crawford, 2004

or here

Ulu Pandan (Singapore) Municipal (90%)

Industrial (10%)

GE Water


2006 23,000 Retrofit of existing process Judd, 2011
Miyun, Beijing, China Municipal Mitsubishi


2006 27,000 (Winter)



45,000  SADp = 10-12 Judd, 2011
BeiXiao MBR, China Municipal Siemens 2008 60,000 Subsequent RO system to recycle water (10,000 m3/d) Judd, 2011
Dalsung Industrial Complex, Daegu, Korea Municipal + Industrial Econity


2009 25,000 Effluent recycled to paper mill. Retrofit. Judd, 2011
Tangjung WWTP,

Asan, Korea

Industrial (100%) GE Water


2009 55,000 Subsequent RO system treats 1000 m3/d for recycle. Floating media used in the first a few tanks of serially connected tanks. Greenfield.  KONETIC, 2010
Sooyoung WWTP, Busan, Korea Municipal GE Water


2011 100,000 MLE process
Brightwater WWTP, King county, WA, USA Municiapl GE Water


2011 136,000 20,600 Will be the world largest MBR plant when it is commissioned in 2011.  Brightwater Project


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